Proposed Changes for Governance Structure

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Greetings, Chapter Members, and happy fall!

At our last chapter meeting on November 11th, there was a discussion about our chapter’s governance structure. In the past, most of the chapter work, including writing newsletters, handling correspondence, planning meetings, etc. has been handled solely by the President. As this workload is quite cumbersome for one person to handle, we have a proposal to slightly alter the governance structure of the chapter to spread the workload out among several people, thus making our chapter stronger, more effective, and more relevant. This structure would include creating a new position to handle administrative duties that are decided upon by the Board and the President, and creating a formal committee structure to bring ideas to those Board Members, and to work on membership recruitment and retainment.  The link below will take you to a graphic showing this proposed governance structure.

Proposed Governance Structure

Additionally, in proposing these changes, we realized that our Bylaws, which are due for review regardless, do not reflect accurately 1) how the chapter has been conducting business, or 2) what the new governance structure would be. We have made some recommended changes to the Bylaws in order to reflect how the chapter does/will operate upon adoption of the new model. The link below will take you to the proposed changes.

CCAWI Bylaws Review 2016

Changes on this scale cannot be made to the chapter without a vote by the membership, therefore we ask that each member review these changes and submit any questions, comments, or suggestions via email by the end of business on Wednesday, November 30. These may be directed to the current President, Kristine Cox at

After compiling all member’s input a final draft will be published and distributed on December 1. When a due diligence period of 30 days is complete, a ballot for voting to either adopt or reject the proposed changes will be emailed to the main contact of each member company. Per our Bylaws, a 30 day notice must be sent to each chapter member in good standing announcing a special meeting, for which this voting process qualifies. This email stands as official notice of a special meeting of the chapter (virtual) to vote on proposed changes to our governance and Bylaws.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to review, consider, and respond to this important matter, and thanks for being a member!


Kristine Cox
President, Carolinas Chapter AWI
336.887.0700 ext. 46

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